The United States Senate has confirmed Richard Griffin to be General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, giving the Board its first confirmed General Counsel in over three years, probably the longest time that the Board has gone without a confirmed General Counsel in its seventy-eight year history. 

NLRB Chairman Mark Pearce issued the following statement:

Today’s Senate vote to confirm Richard F. Griffin, Jr. as General Counsel will ensure the NLRB’s ability to enforce the National Labor Relations Act. The Act guarantees the right of private sector workers to organize and bargain collectively with their employers and to participate in concerted activities to improve their pay and working conditions.

Having served as a staff attorney and as a member of the Board, Mr. Griffin has a wealth of experience in labor law and a deep understanding of the National Labor Relations Act. On behalf of the NLRB, I welcome him back and know that he will play a vital role in ensuring that we continue to provide excellent service to the American people.

The Agency and the American people owe a debt of gratitude to Lafe E. Solomon, who began his career at the NLRB in 1972 and has served so ably as the Acting General Counsel since June of 2010. His courage and dedication to the mission and to improving the efficiency of the Agency during his term as Acting General Counsel was extraordinary. I know that all the dedicated public servants who work for the Agency in headquarters and regional offices throughout the country appreciate his long record of service and significant accomplishments at the NLRB.

When Mr. Griffin is sworn in, it will give the agency its first full complement of confirmed political appointees in over ten years. 

Things have been relatively quiet at the Board this past few months.  Expect that to end.