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Boilerplate Language In NLRB Settlement Agreement Leads To Default Judgment

During the last several months, the NLRB has made no secret that it wants to make changes to precedent and policy.  We have seen public pronouncements about ambush elections, employee rights posters, micro bargaining units, and other issues.  Just because the NLRB doesn’t highlight a policy change doesn’t mean the change cannot have widespread consequences. … Continue Reading

NLRB Issues Three Interesting Decisions

On December 22, 2011, the NLRB issued three unanimous decisions that are interesting but not earth shattering or surprising, given the facts. The first decision deals with the new default language which the Acting General Counsel is requiring in settlement agreements under GC Memorandum 11-04 (January 12, 2011) and GC Memorandum 11-10 (March 30, 2011).  It … Continue Reading

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