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Mark Batten is a partner in the Labor & Employment Law Department and co-head of the Class & Collective Actions Group.

Mark represents employers nationwide at all stages of complex employment litigation, including class and collective actions on wage and hour matters and discrimination claims. Ranked by Chambers USA, Mark is hailed as “a fabulous lawyer, handling interesting and complex cases.” Clients “highly recommend him to anyone seeking litigation counsel in the Boston area,” as well as note “he is responsive, pragmatic and team-oriented, and offers excellent legal advice.”

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Increase in Rat Population Predicted

These days, a union protest or picket that doesn’t include a 16-foot inflatable rat, well, just isn’t really a protest.  Expect to see more of them after the Board’s decision yesterday in Brandon Regional Medical Center (pdf).  (For an enormous compilation of rat photos, see this link).  The Board held that the ubiquitous rat may … Continue Reading

Class Action Waiver – What About Section 7?

The Supreme Court’s decision in AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion, issued yesterday, overturned a Ninth Circuit decision and held that class action waivers in arbitration agreements are permissible under the Federal Arbitration Act (“FAA”).  Concepcion was a consumer case, but the reasoning is almost certainly applicable in the employment context as well.  Yet, amid the buzz … Continue Reading

New worry for employers – “denigrating” the union

Rhetoric back and forth between union and employer representatives is nothing new, but employers may have to start watching their words more carefully in light of the Board’s surprising Jan. 31 decision in Regency House of Wallingford (PDF).  After an ALJ ordered rescission of a unilateral wage increase for certain junior employees, the employer tried … Continue Reading

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