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Rebecca Sivitz

Rebecca Sivitz


Rebecca Sivitz is an associate in the Labor & Employment Law Department. She represents and advises employers in a wide range of areas, including discrimination, class action, wage and hour, and traditional labor. She also has considerable experience with complex restrictive covenant cases on both the plaintiff and defense sides.

As part of her practice, Rebecca represents employers in federal and state courts; before administrative agencies such as the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the National Labor Relations Board; as well as before the American Arbitration Association.

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Stuck With It: Labor Board Forces Employers to Recognize Bargaining Units that Contain Employees of Two or More Separate Employers

Returning to a decision it made 16 years ago (but was overturned just 4 years after that), the National Labor Relations Board has once again ruled that it will certify a bargaining unit containing individuals from two or more separate employers without those employers’ consent. In Miller & Anderson, Inc., Case 05–RC–079249 (July 11, 2016), … Continue Reading